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Another pic of my daughter’s hair



Happy Friday everyone

Thought I would share with you a pic of my 8-year-old daughter’s hair.  The pic was taken a couple of weeks ago soon after removing her braids.  Her hair is natural.  In the pic it has been detangled but not yet washed.

I keep her hair braided most of the time.  She is in braids during school terms and then during holidays I let her wear her hair out.  I keep the braids for eight weeks at a time.  I have been caring for her hair this way for 4 years now.  I’m often asked how I am able to preserve her hairline when she gets braids so often.  My answer is that I am particular about how her braids are done.  She has been braided by the same person ever since she started getting braids four years ago.  I am also particular about caring for her…

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What goes into Fangirling



Let me start by saying i’m a fangirl,. I’ve been fangirling for about two years now and I’ve enjoyed this experienced so much even though sometimes it can turn out to be stressful. You’re probably asking yourself what could be stressful about obsessing over a band or a singer but if you haven’t experienced this in your life it would be hard to understand; so let me explain it to you.

*What is a fangirl

According to a fangirl is ‘A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. Similar to the breed of fanboy. Fangirls congregate at anime conventions and livejournal. Have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obsessions.’

*What is it like to be a fangirl

When you’re a fangirl you develop this relationship with other fangirls and you have this love that sometimes you might think is unconditional for your idol. You would look at the person and ask yourself what they have done to deserve the love you give them; there are a lot of things you could love them for. Maybe their music takes you places you never thought possible or their acting is so amazing you can’t help but imagine yourself as their friend or even in a relationship with them. This one happens a lot.

*What’s so difficult about fangirling

It might look super easy to go on twitter daily and talk about how hot your idol looked or how amazing the new song is but it’s not always that easy. Fangirls have to go through things like hate and death threats from so many people and it also hurts a lot when random people hate on your idol for nothing in particular. Also nobody likes fangirls because everybody just thinks we’re just obsessed even though we’re more than that. We are dedicated and deserve respect.

*Recognize a fangirl

This is so easy to do. If you want to recognize a fangirl in public then you have to be among teenagers. Most teens wear t-shirts with a face of their idol on it and have a lot of merchandise to match like caps, backpacks and even accessories. When they see a poster of their idol they’ll squeal and screem because they are having feels; this also happens when they hear their song or see them on tv.

When in social medias it’s even more easy because this is where we express ourselves. Their tweets are all about their idols and they have unique tweets that contain things like OMG he’s so adsadsfjdgsdakbdas” and believe me, only fangirls understand that term.

*Should you become a fangirl?

The answer is YES; that’s if you’re willing to stand up to the hate and to your idol because like i said this is not as easy as it seems. you have to look into fangirling and see how it is before you dedicate yourself to that certain person or people. Fangirling is so amazing and fun and makes your life interesting. You make friends in the process and learn a lot about yourself and have a voice.

All in all; fangirling is something most teens enjoy doing and sometimes it’s an escape from the real world. It’s honestly the best thing ever and i think you should all look into it. Comment your fangirling experiences or if you’re interested in fangirling after reading this; also comment how you feel about fangirls.